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Jarrad Serafino

Tattooing 6 years. Guest artist Jarrad will be appearing at Authentink every few months to do guest spots. If you have interest in his work please contact us and we’ll arrange a consult and time frame for when he is here.

Jarrad specialises in one point American traditional and Japanese designs, with ambitions to move towards more large scale work in both styles. With 6 years of experience in street shops Jarrad is well rounded in most tattoo styles and is able to tackle anything that comes through the door. Always with a positive attitude, Jarrad enjoys working closely with the client to achieve a timeless piece that will age gracefully with the individual wearing it.

Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Jarrad spent his youth painting murals and exploring different mediums of art application through street art and graffiti methods. In 2010 he applied for a tattoo apprenticeship in a typical walk-in street shop in the outer suburbs of Perth, and was lucky enough to be accepted. Drawn towards bold imagery and the stereotypical notion of what a tattoo should look like, he began drawing and painting a lot of American traditional designs, as well as learning to paint tattoo flash.

After a trip to Japan in 2013, Jarrad began collecting books on woodblock prints. He visited the Yokohama tattoo museum and that sparked a new found passion to delve into the world of Japanese art and tattooing.

Moving to melbourne in 2013 forced him to hone his skills and work ethic in such a competitive city. Landing a spot in one of Melbourne busiest street shops, he quickly got a grasp on all styles of tattooing. He now resides at The Sweet Life tattoo shop in Northcote, while travelling regularly between Perth and Sydney, with ambitions to tattoo all over the world.

Jarrad is inspired by some of the great Japanese woodblock artists such as Kuniyoshi and Kunisada, as well as tattoo legends such as Horitsune II and Don Ed Hardy.

Email us through the contact form on your right or ring the shop on 8399 1973 to book a free 30 minute consultation with Jarrad at the shop when he is doing his guest spot.


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