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Real Tattooing that stands out from the crowd  

All Custom Tattooing styles, from small one-point pieces to sleeves, backpieces and Japanese bodysuits. 

Australia’s Leading World Class Tattoo Studio in the Heart of Sydney.
Many imitators but there in only one Authentink Studio, the quality of our work and our service speaks for itself! See our online reviews.

 Call us on 8399 1973 for info and availability

All of our artists are NSW Tattoo Licensed – Fully Insured – Health Department Inspected – Operator # 010111

 Specialising in Traditional Japanese Tattooing (Irezumi)
Horisumi-Kian Forreal has been practicing Japanese tattooing for 24 years internationally as well as here in Australia and has worked all over the world studying under and working alongside some of the leading tattoo masters of today. He was given his Japanese Tattoo Title in Japan by a legendary Japanese Tattoo Master in 2013.

Horisumi still works in the shop every day the shop is open.

At Authentink Studio we not only also specialise in Traditional Japanese Tattooing but also modern and neo traditional Japanese styles that are designed and executed by our highly trained asian tattoo specialists such as  Ning 

Ning Chula creates stunning large scale Japanese style work in both color and black & grey and is a very versatile artist that can work outside of traditional norms if requested.

Lauren Fox excels at Colour illustrative, Traditional  Americana, Manga and Comic art and anything with bright bold colors!

Seth Arcane is arguably one of the very best Dot-work – Geometric Tattoo and Ethnographic* Tattoo  masters around.  *(Maori, Polynesian, Tahitian, Samoan styles of tribal)  He takes a high level of pride in his work and is deeply passionate about every piece he creates.

Sarah Kate  is a very popular tattoo artist that comes to us from Adelaide with her awesome style of girly tattooing, bright colourful and quirky! She also is very adept at any other style of colour tattooing and loves to make things bright!

Lance St. Vincent loves to create and tattoo lots of  Fancy/West Coast Script lettering, graphic designs, one-point Japanese designs and numerals, and of course our crew of full-time artists can do everything else in between.

Gus Honey is our black & grey full-time specialist who loves to create graphic and realism tattoos in monochromatic shades and is also very adept all contemporary styles of tattooing!

Jess Martucci hails from France and aims to create nice clean and solid tattoos of several different styles, with an emphasis on Japanese influence and american traditional. Check out his portfolio on the artists page.

Inma Alted is a master of finely detailed colour tattoos both large and small and excels at giving each piece its own unique look. She has a decade and a half of experience and knows her stuff! She will be working with us through the summer of 2016-17 on a non-permanent basis. Grab the chance to get tattooed by this European legend now while she is in Australia. 

Authentink Studio has both male and female artists with years of experience to suit nearly every tattoo need from large to small work.

All of our Artists are Specialists in their chosen styles and are also heavily tattooed  themselves, we believe in what we do..and practice what we preach.

They are dedicated professionals to their craft and their art. You are in good hands with us. 

 Call us on 8399 1973 for info and availability


Authentink Tattoo Studio is open for walk-ins 5 days a week, available time permitting.

We tattoo every walk of life in our shop, everyone is safe, everyone is welcome


You MUST BE 18 Years of Age with valid I.D. to be tattooed at Authentink Studio.
No Exceptions, sorry.